Acting Hollywood

Acting Hollywood

About 2 months ago, I released a song called “Pride and Ego” which addressed the behavior of a number of aspiring artists in the NYC underground circuit. It also was a blanket statement to all artists who act ‘Hollywood.’ So, what is Hollywood? Acting Hollywood is acting full of yourself, putting yourself on a pedestal, blowing off your peers, etc. Someone will get a little buzz and begin to act Hollywood. This is my theory as to why there aren’t more NYC hip-hop artists who are making major moves in the music industry. There are the movements (Rebel Diaz, Brown Bag All Stars, etc) that are the exceptions and they’re, of course, doing well. Of course, I’m only speaking of my experience but I see this Hollywood behavior a lot. Many folks don’t realize that they are hindering their chances of reaching their goal by their behavior.

For example, there are many artists that I know with little buzz who have managers. Most of these managers do little for the artist and also provide these artists with less control over themselves. For a minor showcase, people will say “speak to my manager” to the booker and the manager handles something the artist can easily handle. Its’ funny because this same manager will give the green light to these showcases that have the “record executive” that turns out to be an intern.

The moral of the story: we need to act less Hollywood and more humble

Until next time…

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