Staten Island Hip Hop Artist Saidu Ezike (pronounced Say-doo E Zeek) musical influences range from legendary Big L (RIP), Nas, Jay-Z to Kinetics, Nitty Scott, Soul Khan, and rising star Kendrick Lamar. For many reasons, but above all else, their work ethic and grind to success.
A humble admirer of the entire culture of the Hip Hop culture and genre of music, his love affair with Hip Hop is fairly new but pretty intense. While living in North Philadelphia Saidu co-founded an educational program whose very curriculum was dedicated entirely to the Hip Hop lifestyle and culture. Appropriately named Cypha 101 the program sought to enrich youthful minds in the ways of lyrical composition as well as recording and battle rapping, all the while enforcing the importance of understanding the History of Hip Hop and its founding fathers.
While facilitating, his passion for the culture and music grew. The offering of an opportunity to express oneself rhythmically, sharing stories of ones life and experience captivated his attention.
From the conscious approach of KRS-ONE, and PUBLIC ENEMY to the reality raps of the late greats’ TUPAC SHAKUR and BIGGIE SMALLS Saidu was indeed galvanized. At the precise point in time, he knew that music, more specifically Hip Hop was his calling.

Beginning in the summer of 2010, Saidu took to penning rhymes, leading up to taking the craft very seriously in 2012. Investing in recording equipment, Saidu put in countless hours perfecting his flow and delivery.

Fall of 2012 has seen the release of his debut project, The Essence, which has brought widespread acclaim and has become a reassurance for Saidu that he is destined for stardom. A B-side of his debut is available as well titled The Stash comprised of material that did not make the official EP. Recently releasing, Clockwork, The Generation & Pride and Ego, Saidu has maintained a healthy touring and appearance schedule as he gears up for the recording and release of his sophomore effort, Progression set to be released in Summer 2014.

“ I am currently about 4 songs into my next project, and I foresee myself taking the same approach as I did before, which works for me, cultivating the sound and direction of the project. I am looking to work with some new artists, those who are very gifted and dedicated.”

A product of the home of the legendary Wu Tang Clan, Staten Island, Saidu’s objective is to unleash his brand of music on the entire industry, at all costs. A teacher in ways and passion, his message is positivity and very much still-education.

“ it is imperative that the youth know the history of this great culture and genre”
Real Hip Hop vs (unreal) Hip Hop.”

My greatest goal is to bring back the realism in music. Not everyone shares a common paradigm and I want to represent for the truly unique. That will be my greatest contribution: Everything from the way I dress, to my pursuit of my career, while maintaining my role as a teacher, to approach a recording and all.

With the great feedback and support that Saidu has received from his releases, as well as show dates and social media interactions, the ceiling is very high for this ecelectic soul.



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/saiduezikemusic,
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/saiduezikemusic


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